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Employees of Towne Interiors in Lansing, IL

The Towne Interiors Team

[Left to right]

Emily, Don, Jackie, Judy, Jan


Don & Jackie Vander Zee


After graduating from Dordt College with a Business degree, I began working for my father, Andy, at Lansing Paint & Supply. After nearly 50 years, he retired and I continued in the family business. In June of 2007, we changed our name to Towne Interiors to better portray our products and services. My wife, Jackie, officially joined our team in 2020 after many years of raising our five children. We are blessed to be able to continue to operate the family business and have been continually affirmed by the customers that are so loyal to us over the years.


Jan Martinez


Jan has been a part of the Towne Interiors family for over 16 years. Jan worked for a drapery shop and another paint store before coming to Towne Interiors. First working full time, and now part-time helping our customers with paint, window treatments and other decorating advice. If you bring up pets, Jan will talk your ear off about her love for dogs.

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Emily Parpart

Sales & Marketing

In college Emily studied Fine Art and Marketing. After college, she worked in Chicago in the marketing field for a time, but found herself desiring a role that better fit the artistic, creative eye along with marketing. She received the opportunity to commission a mural for her local church, with the paint supplied by Towne Interiors. Shortly after this she joined the Towne Interiors family in 2017. In 2021, her time here shifted from a full-time employee to part-time as she became a mother and took over even more of the marketing here at Towne Interiors besides the day to day work. Jumping to the end of 2024, Emily and her husband will be welcoming baby #3.

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Judy East


Judy was brought up in the paint and design industry, and has over 35 years in paint and window treatments, both with a very extensive product knowledge. Having a love for design and color, she has been fortunate to help many clients and their extended families create their dream spaces.