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Benjamin Moore

We here at Towne Interiors would like to help you identify the main considerations a customer should think about when choosing wall coverings for a specific room in your home. 


Consider Your Space 
Many questions arise when you are considering what type of wall coverings you desire for your room. First of all, what is the size of the room you’re working with? Lighter colors will cause the room to look bigger, while darker colors will cause the room to appear smaller. 
Other questions to consider are; what exposure does your room have to direct sunlight? Does your room have a lot of windows? The lighting in your room will effect how the color looks in comparison to how it looked in the store. Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of color jars you can take home to test the color choice on your walls. 
How high are your ceilings you’re dealing with? Are your walls smooth or textured? Depending on the answer to these questions, we at Towne Interiors will help you get the look you desire.

Understand Your Style
Understanding your style will help you to identify the right decorating product for you and your home. Watching the home decorating shows on TV can really expose the many styles (or lack of) available to you today. 
You may be a more traditional type person but you may like a formal atmosphere in part of your home. How about a more casual atmosphere for that family room? Or perhaps the contemporary theatre style entertainment area? Does that strike a note? You may prefer the sleek European clean look to the woodsy Rustic or North woods feeling. 
Our experienced staff here at Towne Interiors will be sure to fit your style from the large selection of decorating products available at our store.

Choose The Right Coverings For Your Walls 
At Towne Interiors your home decorating choices are not made in some large store with metal racks and sodium commercial lighting. We like to have you consider your decisions in relation to other things in your home. You’ll find our environment user friendly for home decorating decisions.
Here some questions you may consider:
Do the walls in my house need to be washed frequently?
Do I need to hide imperfections in the walls?
Do I need a primer?
How shiny do I want this finish?
How much shine is on my walls now?
Do I need a spacious look or a cozy appeal?
At Towne Interiors we can order larger samples of paint and wallpaper, and Benjamin Moore offers test jars to take home. Paint and color are very important in the design decision both inside and outside. Choosing colors that work together can be very difficult. Often times mistakes can be avoided, time and money saved by getting the right hue, shade, and tone advise from Towne Interiors staff. 

PRO TIP: Measuring Paint – to determine the amount of paint for your project measure the surface area and take note of the texture and sheen of the area. As a general rule quality paint will cover 400 sq ft. per gallon on standard walls. A heavily textured wall will use more paint.

Here's a link  to our Benjamin Moore webpage.