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Introducing the COLOR OF THE YEAR 2020.

“This soft pink represents a new dawn in thinking, a revitalized spirit, and a rosy outlook for the decade to come with an optimistic outlook for how we live, work, play, and design as we head into the future.
First Light is sophisticated and warm, and is appropriate for all seasons and styles.  This color has a feminine quality, but it works very well with colors traditionally considered masculine.  First Light is an ideal backdrop for any room, as it will enhance various textures and materials while bringing a flattering glow to a room.  Additionally, this hue works exceptionally well with minimalist interiors and clean lines by incorporating softness that brings a welcoming feel to a room.”


Benjamin Moore experts identified below, this one soft pink as a color conversation piece that holds 10 key words of representation. Beauty, creativity, privacy, self-expression, comfort, security, community, imagination, authenticity and optimism. They identified these words to capture the things that matter to people regardless of generational differences or age and how they take on different meanings per individual.


Besides the “First Light” Color of the Year, Benjamin Moore has also created a color palette of 10 colors to capture more of the design of the coming decade. These are based to compliment many design preferences, being easy to live with and all while aiming to a new ideal.

Together these colors bring a fresh, upbeat receptivity. All serving many roles or functions in any part of the home or décor statement, appealing to all age groups.

After working hard to choose the perfect colors for your home, the next step is to select the ideal type of paint for your project. Benjamin Moore offers a variety of products in a range of finishes that will complete the look, while delivering the color fidelity and durability expected from premium paints.

The most premium product is Aura Interior. A highly durable product that delivers the ultimate performance. With the exclusive ColorLock technology for brilliant, rich, everlasting color.

Aura Bath and Spa, is also an exceptional product designed specifically for humid spaces in a luxurious matte finish.

Regal Select is a well-loved and trusted product for over 50 years that consistently delivers product performance in all 3,500+ colors. All while washable and available in a range of sheens.

Advance, as an alternative to traditional alkyd paints, delivers a highly durable finish that is ideal for trim, woodwork and cabinetry.

Ben is the perfect introduction to premium paints, with its easy application and touch up characteristics for flawless results.