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Benjamin Moore’s 2019 color of the year reflects an observed shift in the color realm. Withdrawal from noise and chaos seemed to encompass the mood towards the need for softness, glamour, and subtlety. Metropolitan derived from the “beauty in architecture, finishes and detailing that became a key element that seemed to resurface in every trend-related conversation among the Color & Design team.”
Benjamin Moore 2019 Color Of The Year
Wall: Metropolitan AF-690, Regal Select, Matte Mantel: Metropolitan AF-690, ADVANCE, High Gloss

Metropolitan AF-690. Balanced, Comforting, Composed, Effortlessly Sophisticated, and Balanced.

Always adaptable, it softens to matte or shimmers with sheen. Metropolitan is comforting, composed and effortlessly sophisticated. It is not an aggressive color. Rather it creates common ground.

“The move toward a color that is understated yet can influence the overall mood of a room. Though we have been seeing the dominance of grays over the past few years, it continues to shift and evolve – becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated while providing a backdrop for our homes that reflects today’s design sensibilities.” Equally important, the palette for 2019 – Supports and enhances Metropolitan. Generally a soft palette, but each color can stand on its own. As well, these colors pair together beautifully, making it easy to create a color scheme for an entire home, or a room, by using this selection of 15 hues.

Color Palette
There are many included in this palette that surpass design styles, and have the ability to transform the mood of a room, and take on slightly different characteristics from changes in light, sheen or gloss.

WALLS: Metropolitan AF-690,Regal Select, Matte
TRIM: Decorator’s White OC-149,Regal Select, Semi-Gloss
CABINET: Pashmina AF-100, ADVANCE, High Gloss

Looking above at this room scene, Metropolitan is soft and elegant in a matte finish that complements the furnishings, accessories in the room with quiet beauty. The natural light enhances the undertones of the color, making it an intriguing hue. The matte finish on the walls is contrasts with white high gloss trim adding some shine to the room.

After working hard to choose the perfect colors for your home, the next step is to select the ideal type of paint for your project. Benjamin Moore offers a variety of products in a range of finishes that will complete the look, while delivering the color fidelity and durability expected from premium paints.


The most premium product is Aura Interior. A highly durable product that delivers the ultimate performance. With the exclusive ColorLock technology for brilliant, rich, everlasting color.

Aura Bath and Spa, is also an exceptional product designed specifically for humid spaces in a luxurious matte finish.

Regal Select is a well-loved and trusted product for over 50 years that consistently delivers product performance in all 3,500+ colors. All while washable and available in a range of sheens.

Advance, as an alternative to traditional alkyd paints, delivers a highly durable finish that is ideal for trim, woodwork and cabinetry.

Ben is the perfect introduction to premium paints, with its easy application and touch up characteristics for flawless results.


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